Price: 454,00 €

Disk rreze 16, goma e rekomanduar Continental Conticross 235/85 R16.

Price: 173,00 €

Mbulese gome rezerve per numer 16 logo Land Rover.


Price: 172,00 €

Mbulese gome rezerve disk rreze 16 logo Defender.

Price: 113,00 €

Parapeta vetem per modele 90 dhe 110.

Price: 153,00 €

Dadicek sigurie, per efekt vjedhje te diskut (Kit 5 cop).

Price: 824,00 €

Kit zinxhire gomash, montohen perpara ose mbrapa per 2 goma (vetem 1 kit).

Vetem per goma me rreze 235/65R16 dhe 275/65R16.


Price: 35,00 €

Kapak vintili gome, me 3 lloj logo, Flag England Colors, Flag England Black & White dhe Land Rover  (Kit 4 cope).

Price: 307,00 €

Govate rimorkio, vetem per modele 90 JP / HT dhe 110 SW / HT.

Price: 298,00 €

Grile metalike ndarese, montohet ne bagazh, vetem per modele 90 dhe 110.


Price: 284,00 €

Mbeshtetese dore, sherben edhe per te mbajtur pije.

Price: 272,00 €

Tapet bagazhi, mbron nga balta.

Price: 298,00 €

Sedilje sigurie per foshnje 0 deri ne 13 kg dhe 12 deri ne 15 muajsh.


Ne qender te vemendjes sone: “Ti dhe 20.000 kliente te tjere qe na kane dhene besim ne keto vite.”
Volvo Truck & Bus
Perfaqesues per Shqiperine
Renault Trucks
Perfaqesues per Shqiperine
For 19 years, Volvo FH had been an icon in the truck industry. Needless to say, expectations were high. At the spectacular launch, the new Volvo FH turned out to be exactly like its forerunner in one way only – being something entirely new.
Many of them had one focus: the driver. Because at this time, attracting good drivers had become increasingly important and difficult for transport operators all over the world. But this was before the new FH arrived. With one extra cubic metre of cab space, car-like handling, great visibility and several comfortable features such as the all-new climate system with I-ParkCool – this was a workplace for drivers to love.

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