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Volvo V40 D2 Kinetic AT6 17MY 1969 Ccl 2.0 Liter 120PSkW


Opsione Baze
8 Airbag  Sedile me Pozicionim Manual 
Sedile Prej Cope  Drite Frenimi Prapa 
Drita Mjegulle Prapa  Pasqyrat ne Ngjyren e Trupit 
Timon me Komanda Multifunksional  Klimatizator Manual 
Xhama Elektrike  Mbyllje Qendrore 
Mbyllje Qendrore me Pult  Pasqyrat me Komandim 
Mbeshtetese Koke Para dhe Prapa  Mbeshtetese Krahu Para 
ISOFIX  Kompjuter Bordi 
Sensore Shiu 
Opsione Shtese
Sedile me Ngrohje Para  Pasqyrat me Palosje Elektrike 
Sensore Parkimi Para dhe Prapa  Xhama te Erret 
Disqe Alumini 16"  Klimatizator Automatik Zonal Bi Zona 
Sistem Bluetooth  Sistem USB 
Pilot Automatik  Timon i Pozicionueshem 
Sistemi Drejtimit Elektrik  Ndezje Start/Stop 
ECO Start/Stop  Mbeshtetese Krahu Qendrore Prapa 
Instrumentat e Kroskotit TFT Virtual  Frenim Automatic i Emergjences ne Qytet 
Sistemi Audio High Performance 180W 

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Informacion i Pergjithshem

Id: 757

Gjendja: E Re

Viti: 12/2016

Engine size: 1969 Cc l

Motorri: 2.0 Liter 120PS kW

Karburanti: Diesel

Ngjyra Jashte: e zeze

Ngjyra Brenda: bezhe

Karroceria: Compact

Trasmisioni: Automatike

Rrota aktive: diferencial para

Dyer: 5

Ulese: 5

Cmimi: € 33,900 EUR



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Ne qender te vemendjes sone: “Ti dhe 20.000 kliente te tjere qe na kane dhene besim ne keto vite.”
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For 19 years, Volvo FH had been an icon in the truck industry. Needless to say, expectations were high. At the spectacular launch, the new Volvo FH turned out to be exactly like its forerunner in one way only – being something entirely new.
Many of them had one focus: the driver. Because at this time, attracting good drivers had become increasingly important and difficult for transport operators all over the world. But this was before the new FH arrived. With one extra cubic metre of cab space, car-like handling, great visibility and several comfortable features such as the all-new climate system with I-ParkCool – this was a workplace for drivers to love.

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Adresa & Kontakte

Adresa: Autostrada Durres-Tirane, KM 6.
2000. Durres, Albania
+355 67 2028404; 67 2037569
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