Tata Aria

Nje 4x4 spacioze dhe shume elegante 

Spacioze dhe shume elegante, nje mjet 4X4 me nje personalitet te forte dhe optimal ne ofrimin e hapesirave. Duke pasur nje gjatesi totale prej 4.780 mm, ARIA ofron 7 vende komode te shperndara ne 3 rrjeshta sediliesh, duke na dhene keshtu nje mjet monovolum prej klasi! Jane kuruar vecanerisht komforti dhe siguria!.
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Volvo Trucks

Si te minimizojmë ndalesat e paparashikuara

Një gomë e prishur, një avari në motor ose kode te gabuara. Ndalesat e paplanifikuara janë gjithmonë irrituese dhe të shtrenjta për një kompani transporti. Kamionët Volvo kanë vendosur për ti dhëne fund këtij problemi. Në një studim të bërë nga Volvo, pyetja e drejtuar shoferëve të intervistuar ka qënë: Si mund ta parandaloni një kamion të prishet në rrugë?
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At Mektrin, we offer specialized services for your car to be always safe and in good condition.

We guarantee you about this! With our qualified staff members, we can ensure you that our inspections and service will be always in the highest level of profesionalism.

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In the center of our attention: “You and 20.000 other customers which have trusted us during all these years.”
Volvo Truck & Bus
Perfaqesues per Shqiperine
Renault Trucks
Perfaqesues per Shqiperine
For 19 years, Volvo FH had been an icon in the truck industry. Needless to say, expectations were high. At the spectacular launch, the new Volvo FH turned out to be exactly like its forerunner in one way only – being something entirely new.
Many of them had one focus: the driver. Because at this time, attracting good drivers had become increasingly important and difficult for transport operators all over the world. But this was before the new FH arrived. With one extra cubic metre of cab space, car-like handling, great visibility and several comfortable features such as the all-new climate system with I-ParkCool – this was a workplace for drivers to love.

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